Friday, August 21, 2009


My head hurts because my work involves 10 hrs of computer staring and my eyes are burning. Oww, I am not really sure if this physical distress is brought on by work or the unimaginably noxious air outside. There is a vile haze seen from the satellite images hanging over India and China. I already have enough ailments to write a novel (Horror obviously) about. God, I think I have aged 5 years after a year of working. Everyone in the IT sector is so damn unhealthy....
I am exhausted after climbing up two to three storeys. :(

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dynamic Pendulum >>

Time. No, not the coaching institute...though i did join it last year for CAT. Gave most of its exams and finally decided not to sit for it. I thought it would be better if I gave it after gaining more work-ex. And as you know I will start my preparations for it tomorrow. "Which tomorrow?" is a good question which I will answer, you guessed it--tomorrow.

So coming back to Time, I just have this super-weird feeling is running faster every 10 years. I clearly remember till 1997 life moved like a lot like me when I get up at 11 am and hunt for my glasses. Slow, unsteady, drowsy and drooly . Then from '97, it hurried like it wanted to race me till my school bus. From 2007-- a whoooooooshhh, accelerating rapidly, just couldn’t focus >>

I remember a few earmarked pages in my history.
"telling myself only one year left before I sit for my 12th board exams"
To a friend: "2 years left for college to end, and we have so much to do!"
"I won't survive the first year of work", then surviving and celebrating it!

Seems strange and unreal, especially when you read all those silly sentimental forwards your friends send you about and suddenly realise they are true!

Is God tweaking some “constants” in his lab?
Help me out here if you feel the same. And oh, the speed of time please?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ever felt like me?

Ten thousand heavy metal machines rotating at a million revolutions per second. Crashing into each in a billionth of a second and breaking into smithereens. Huge chunks flying off at odd angles, twisting and spinning as they go against the heavy polluted air, dragging their rough edges against it.
The noise is so loud that I can’t see! It has shut off everything. It’s happening so fast; it’s happening right now--now which you can’t really think about because it’s already over. Time has its hair pulled till its strings start disintegrating. The structure, the sense, the meaning of everything has begun collapsing. It is not an end, it is not a beginning. It is never. The second has taken its claim over the minute, hour and year. The present has come to dominate. The time’s up.

I can't sleep when I feel this way. There is a mental image of all this which is same and extemeley heavy. I can feel its weight on my nerves.