Friday, October 3, 2008


Let's begin with the ugly:
He finds my jokes funny!!.......................................!
If you know me, I hope your insides are inside. If you don't know me, well...umm God has been kind. Anyways, this whole blah is for you to digest:-
Now I present to you the lovely:
The kid is talented u know:
1. A decorated style, dancing flair for writing
2. A delicious skin tone (dark temptation?)
3. Original sense of humor that's actually funny (I know how hard that it)
4. Mr. Know-it-All, Jack of all trades ka baap
5. Blogmaster
6. Married to creativity
Pretty ladies may note that he is a gentleman who proficient in losing their i-pods, but still manages to siddoos them.
Other than that, his profile on
exposes the following facts----
$~~uttam varg ka baniya ladka~~$
$~~kamao hai~~$
$~~sehat acchi khasi hai~~$
Agar aap ek acchi gharelu moti ladki hain, jiski nakk kam behati hain, toh apna bio-data comment mein chod de.