Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Sir, you may not go to the toilet

I had done countless silly things in college, well who hasn’t? But I doubt if anyone’s antics were even mildly amusing/insane or what-the-hell-was-that as mine.

To start off, a series of unfortunate in incidents that occurred to a sweet old professor of mine due to my, err, randomness..

I was a major figure in my college, chiefly due to my anti-bunking tendencies which made many fellow classmates suffer. I delighted in capturing the front seat, but unlike other first-benchers I behaved like a backbencher. I gossiped right under the professor’s nose and got countless warnings. It was only during his class that I used to unintentionally forget to switch off my cell phone. And again purely unintentionally, I just found his classes to coincide with my nap-hours.
My "awake" hours were occupied by running around to organize a movie club for college at that time. So one day I urgently needed his signature for the club to get permission for some activity. I was searching for him for an hour and found him walking really fast towards the hall (at the end of which was El Dorado).
I: "Sir please sign this for blah blah..."
He, in his sweet voice: "Baccha, I have to urgently use the toilet"

Beyond that is a ten-thousand words tome of self-disbelief to be written in 45 languages and hard bound in leather.

Sunday, February 1, 2009