Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Make Politicians Work' Campaign

The public servant is ruling us like a king. It is high time that we make our politicians work for the cause we voted them for.

After the Mumbai terror attacks, the common man has lost his patience. We need to do something and not feel so helpless.

We shall make them accountable. Let’s put them to public service.

Employees are made to work, irrespective of their character. So why can’t we make our politicians work?

We have the power. File RTI against corrupt MLAs and MPs. Have a review and follow up the work done by them. Make it visible. Collaborate news papers and channels to organize such events.

Let us spread this message by the medium of internet. Forward this message to all your friends, government offices and news agencies.
Let them know. Let them hear the voice of a Billion people!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yeh hai Mumbai, yeh hai Mumbai, yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

I have this song on my lips since morning. And we know what kind of morning the people of the city woke up to. As I write this article, the horrors are still unfolding. No amount of praying has been able to stop it.
Praying? Like that helps, but isn’t that all we can do? After all we are so.. so helpless. All we can do is feel the enormous scare, make frantic calls to loved ones and try not to talk about it later. Try to forget, because life must go on, because.. because we are so helpless.

Life must go on? Yeah right, only for those who didn’t lose anyone, for others life is over. While they grieve we must collectively mourn. Because they are so helpless. And as they drown in misery we must find people to blame and combust our anger. Hate breeds hate. We wait till someone comes and takes us out of our misery. It burns, the city and with it burns the basic human need of security.

Why do we accept this?

Saare jaahan se accha, hindusitan humara, hum bulbule hain isski, yeh gulsita humara humara.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who me, Katrina?

It's my cousin's wedding on 7th December and all that I can think is "i hafta get meself a pretty picture".

All my life I have had a Banshee's voice and Medusa's hairstyle but this time I hope to bring the lady out of the circus. I never took grooming seriously and was once proud of it. In the past you would find me hanging from a tree branch declaring that all I ever put was vaseline and that too for flattening the snakes on my mane. Boy, I was mighty proud to be a no-sissy, no girly-girl and picked fights with guys. I was at my craziest best when in middle-school and got sent to the principal office. One could find a bit of Georgina (@The Famous Five), Idgie Threadgood (Fried Green Tomatoes) and Pink (The Singer) in me, or so I like to believe.

Living in the outskirts of Banglore was massive fun. I lived in a beautiful colony with wide open green spaces, tall trees, railway tracks and beyond that a mini-forest with ancient trees. I can describe it forever but shall spare thou.

So yeah, you can imagine that I got the culture-shock of my life when I came to Delhi. I was a wild monkey midst of all these supposedly hip girls who thought I came from another planet. Well somethings never change, haha. So over the years I have tried to change, just for the sake of change, I still don't dress up often though I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I like to once in a while wear a pretty dress and shock/surprise people. I had once worn salwar-suit to college and I swear many people didn't recognize me! That was fun.

Finally coming back to my-cousin's-wedding part, I have big plans, I want to get rid of my glasses, straighten the rug on me head, and a few other things. Hopefully the enthusiasm won't flag. Sometimes I feel it to be a waste of time and money and have to fight with my 'inner nonsense'.

If it doesn't turn out to be horrible, I will upload my pic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random jabberritty

Oh I admit it, I too desperately want to become a blogger, straight dive into this insane world of reverse-voyerism! Whoooossh!...ooops somebody flushed...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yay! I was Tagged!

I was tagged by Garima (thanks!)

Here it goes--

3 names I go by:

1. Goddess of Whine
2. Vrrooni
3. Many other mutilated versions

3 things that scare me:

1. Dogs
2. Ghosts
3. Normal People

3 people who make me laugh:

1. My friends , oh they are f-u-n-n-y
2. My Dad
3. George W. Bush

3 things I love:

1. Planet Earth
2. Science
3. Newton

3 things I hate:

1. Polluters
2. Regional and hate Politics
3. Turai ki Sabzi..eeeyuukk

3 things I don't understand:

1. Social norms
2. Reason of our existence
3. Why cows don't bite people

3 things on my desk:

1. Silly Putty

2. A few books

3. A picture of Nadal

3 things I'm doing right now:

1. Dreaming about delicious food

2. Eating Carrots instead

3. Thinking about how many people will ever read this

3 things I want to do before I die:

1. Save the world

2. Travel the world while saving it

3. Find someone who can dance like me

3 things I can't do:

1. Dance (thts why..)

2. Sing

3. Eat as much as I want :(

3 things I think you should listen to:

1. Me, especially when you owe me money.

2. My friend Garima, most spontaneuosly witty of the lot.

3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

3 shows I watched as a kid:

1. Popular Mechanics for Kids

2. Everything on Cartoon Network

3. Crystal Maze, BQC, Small Wonder, Aladin, etc etc..basically I was hooked to T.V.

3 things I want in a relationship:

1. Someone who I would look up to

2. Comittment

3. Fun

3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:

1. Smile

2. Symmetry

3. Athletic build

3 of my favourite hobbies :

1. Painting

2. Reading

3. Playing out-door games

3 beverages I drink regularly :

1. Thumbs up

2. Water

3. Sweet Lime Juice

3 things I like about myself:

1. I can make some people laugh some of the times :D

2. I don't have a weight problem

3. I am unusually honest :P

3 things I hate about myself:

1. Too lazy for my own good.

2. Absolutey panicy

3. Can be easily caught when lying (that explains the honesty bit)

3 of my everyday essentials:

1. Cracking a bad joke

2. Irritating someone outta his skin

3. Making fun of my bro.

3 things I am wearing right now:

1. Two full sleeved Tees coz it's getting cold

2. Blue pajamas

3. My mettalic blue glasses

2 truths and a lie:

1. I got 99 percentile in CAT

2. I secretly like some pop bands

3. I love lizards

3 people I want to tag:

1. Anchit

2. Sridhar

3. Nandita