Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to have your soup and drink it too

Greetings fellow sibling-irritators!

Here is an example of why it's ok to let your bro/sis hate you:

This incident dates back a good 10 years--
Time: around 4 pm when kids get post-lunch hunger attacks
Location: At a friend's place
People: 4 (Me n my bro(V), my friend and her bro(A))

We were completely famished and my friend and I decided to make ready-made soup as there was nothing else in the house.

T: "Oh sh**, we have overcooked this thing"
F: "Well done, now it's reduced to half!"
T: "Damn, now we would have share more with V & A, :( boo hoo "
F: "I think not, if they truely are our dear brothers ;) "

T to V & A: "Hey, will you guys like to have chicken soup?"
V & A unanimously: "Yes, yes!"
F with A laughing in the background: "Great, but you know what, WE have made it"

V & A with dissapointed/suspicious faces: "no ways..."

F & T: "OK!!!!"

Friday, May 8, 2009